Dramatiska ord

Här ett inlägg från Jurgen Wolffs skrivarblogg. Tänk så mycket liv och känsla man kan blåsa in i sex ord. Jag är stum av beundran.

Can you tell a story in six words?

Baby shoesSmith Magazine is sponsoring a St. Valentine's Day "Six-Word Memoir, Story Love and Heartbreak Slam." Authors will read their six-word stories, and people in the audience will be able to add theirs. Here are a few examples, from www.sixwordstories.com:
 Found true love. Married someone else. - Dave Eggers
 Newspapers piling. Grass overgrown. Seen grandad? -- Rin Simpson
 New stylist. New cut. New hat. -- Alice Davis
 Hemingway came up with the heart-breaking: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used."
If you're trying to come up with an event for your writing group, this could be fun. It's also a good warm-up exercise to do before a writing session, just to get your story brain started.

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