I have to publicly apologize to any and all of you who are using the Google translate widget to read my blog. I just tried reading some in English, and although it was better translated than I expected, it was still pretty horrible. They even changed the spelling of Badgley Mischka! And some sentences made absolutely no sense although I still had my Swedish version more or less in my head for comparison purposes. And I most certainly didn't write "cute as h*ll" in Swedish!!! Sorry about that. My blog is a curse free zone!

Anyway. It would perhaps be fun or more likely funny to translate some more. A French version? Wonder if I would regognize the content at all :)

Thanks for forbearing!

P.S. The French version wasn't very funny. I don't think I know French well enough to see when they make something hilarious of my text.

But they said that I normally buy a bag at Åhlens for 300 dollars, and that changes the meaning of the whole thing! 300 Swedish crowns, that's only 45 dollars. Anyway, I can't make sense in all languages. Half of the time I probably don't even make sense in Swedish :)

Peace out.

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