Skriva för?

Jag drömmer ju mycket om att skriva. Jag har flera idéer men kan inte koppla ihop något så komplicerat som en roman i mitt skruttiga huvud. Jag leker ibland med pseudonymer eller karaktärernas namn, det är lagom jobbigt. Men ibland ser jag en mening i mitt flöde på Pinterest som jag inte kan låta bli att klicka på. Hittade en artikel som handlade om hur ens inspirational writing kunde förändra någons liv. I grund och botten är det det jag vill, bland många saker.

Här är länken.

Kärnan var:

Who are you writing to?

When you sit down to write, you won’t always know exactly who you’re writing to, but you should begin the process of figuring it out pretty quickly. Here are some questions to guide you as you think through who your reader is:

1. Who do you hope to encourage or inspire with this message? 
Try to imagine someone who is discouraged by something particular in life. Maybe this person has given up hope because she feels that no one understands what she’s going through. Maybe this person is battling against an injustice and wants to know that he’s not alone in the fight.

2. What answers or solutions is this person seeking?
Put yourself inside this person’s mind and emotional state. There is probably some information, some story, some advice that would put this person’s mind and heart at ease.

3. What is this person hoping to do with the answers or solutions?
Think about how the information, story, or advice could prompt the person to take action in a way that would change her life. Or maybe would shift his perspective and how he looks at the world.

What these questions are meant to highlight is that your words are meant to meet another person at his point of confusion or desperation and then offer some answer, solution, or perspective that will encourage him to take action or rethink life.

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