Osannolik P&P-läsare bedömer

På bloggen Murderati har en -- i sitt eget tycke mycket manlig -- man fått för sig att vidga sin bildnings horisont och läsa P&P. Hans åsikter är riktigt roande. Läs hela artikeln, In Which I, A Manly Man, Read the Ultimate Chick Book, här.

by J.D. Rhoades

When I told people I'd finally gotten around to reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, most were puzzled. "Why are you reading THAT?" some ask. After all, I am, as you all know, a manly man, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is the ultimate chick book, right?

Nevertheless, I did read it, and I did so for a number of reasons:
I'd just read William Gibson's SPOOK COUNTRY, and while I liked it a lot, I was in the mood for something completely different;

I was also in the mood for something more classic, I'd read all my Twain numerous times, and I just wasn't up for CRIME AND PUNISHMENT quite yet;
I'd heard many friends (almost all of them female, it's true, but a couple of men as well) rave about what a great book it is;

I may want to read the new PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES send-up and I wanted to make sure I got the jokes;

It was right there on the bookshelf, so I thought "hey, why the h*** not?"

Anyway, I finished it last night. And quite enjoyed it. A few observations, jotted down as I read:
Why didn't anyone tell me the book was this funny?

... Both Twain and Austen have a similar dry wit, as well as that wonderful gift of lampooning ridiculous people by just letting them speak in their own voices.

I'm not sure how much of the female fascination with the character of Mr. Darcy comes from the hunkiness of the actors who've played him in films and on TV, most notably Colin Firth. Because I've got to tell you, the guy doesn't come off all that well on the page. To be frank, he's kind of a dick. Sure, he does the right thing in the end, but he never gets around to removing the large stick he has up his ass. This is not, in short, I guy I'd be eager to have a beer with. Maybe the female readers can enlighten me.

[Måste läsa om den och försöka se om han -- ve och fasa -- har rätt! Tänk om det är Colin Firth som är dreamy, inte Fitzwilliam Darcy!!!!!!!!!! Jag har aldrig delat på de två. Pinsamt rookie mistake... Återkommer. VAD SÄGER NI SJÄLVA?]

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