Coolaste konsten!!!

I november var det Vienna Design Week och jag såg om en tjeckiskt konstnär som hade gjort något så makalöst att jag bara måste berätta om det. Ni kan läsa mer här om ni är intresserade.

Konstnären berättar själv:

Working on a project with a company of Lobmeyr’s caliber is a unique experience. I had to return to Vienna several times to see everything from the company’s shop, collections and storage rooms. The biggest surprise came when Leonid Rath took me to the cellar, where I found hundreds of boxes full of chandelier parts designed by Lobmeyr for customers from almost every corner of the world.

I inspected the parts manufactured for the Metropolitan Opera in New York, for the Kremlin, for Arabian palaces or for projects one knows only from photographs. I had voluntarily locked myself up in this cellar and carefully examined this mass of unusual parts.

I was fascinated by the detail of craftsmanship. I browsed through the photo archive and found various expressions that had been used in different contexts all around the globe. Lobmeyr has been a carrier of light for centuries and its strength lies in perfect craftsmanship and loyalty to tradition. It is a ‘lighthouse’ that guides our path.

In Vienna’s cellars, I started unpacking different chandelier parts, comparing them and examining them in detail. Some of these spare parts have been ‘waiting’ on the shelf for decades and may never be used. It occurred to me that I could use these parts in a new context and revive their functions.

My idea was to use and combine the principles of Laterna Magika and Shadow Theater. I decided to build various compositions and project them, by means of light, onto the screen.

I have created three-dimensional installations that cast shadows representing pictures of cities where Lobmeyr designed their great projects. Thus, the resulting product is a kind of ‘Fata Morgana’ of places where creations of the Vienna-based company are situated. The projection itself has become a luminous object in the interior.

Städerna är New York, Moskva, London, Medina.


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Monica sa...

Coolt! Min kreativitet behöver utmanas. :-) Gott nytt år!

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