Citerat av min smarta bror på fejan idag:

Very interesting, and not at all controversial from Mr. Buchanan: LBJ changed the meaning of equality from the attainable -- an end to segregation and a legislated equality of rights for African-Americans -- to the impossible: a socialist utopia.” Where equality is enthroned, freedom is extinguished. The rise of the egalitarian society means the death of the free society.” “A time for truth. As most kids do not have the athletic ability to play high school sports, or the musical ability to play in the band, or the verbal ability to excel in debate, not every child has the academic ability to do high school work. No two children are created equal, not even identical twins. The family is the incubator of inequality and God its author.”

Han om nån borde veta det där med tvillingar. Hans är de mest olika jag sett. Och vive la différence!

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