Skrivtips, checklista med mera

Hittade följande smidiga lista på Blood Red Pencil. Funkar nästa lika bra vid planering som redigering.

Story arc. Does the protagonist grow and evolve? Is the narrative smooth or does it have gaps in logic?

Plot. Is your plot logical? Do you have important scenes that would make a reader say “No one would ever do that”? Is your plot both linear and complex?

Point of view. Is your POV consistent for large chunks of text? Do you tell each scene from the point of view of the character who has the most to lose?

Dialogue. Does each character use distinctive word choices? Do you break up long conversations with body language and movement?

Info dumps. Do you have big chunks of exposition that slow the story down? Can they be broken up or shared as dialogue?

Characters. Are your characters both believable and unique? Is their behavior consistent within the story framework?

Language. Do you use of mix of long and short sentences? Are there overused words or phrases (of course, just, even, that)?

Unresolved issues. Is every plot line resolved and questions accounted for? If something is bothering you, it will bother your readers.

Och ja, jag skriver. Är lite trött och ond i huvudet just nu, men jag har avsatt hela veckan till skrivande. Det vill säga, jag tänker inte tvätta nåt och bara laga enkel mat, så att jag ska orka skriva på alla vettiga stunder. Oooooo! Spenande! Och så roligt att jag får krupp allra minst!

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