Såhär beskriver Sara Hanukkah på Curbly. Jag tyckte det var fint. Dessutom är det bildande att lära sig om andra religioner.

Hanukkah, (more correctly spelled Chanukah) which means "dedication" in Hebrew, celebrates the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in 164 B.C. (That's exactly 2,174 years ago!) The celebration lasts for eight nights to commemorate a miracle that occurred in the Temple: When the Jews first returned to their ravaged Holy Temple (after defeating the Greeks who had made it illegal for Jews to worship), they found only one unopened, and thus pure, vial of olive oil to light the Temple's 7 branched golden menorah. While this vial was for only one day, miraculously, the flame remained lit for eight days and nights, allowing enough time to find more oil to sustain the light of the menorah. Hanukkah is about overcoming oppression, and the concept of every individual's ability to rebuild themselves in the face of adversity. Deep? Yes, in fact it is, and that is why the holiday has endured! 

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