Semi-crappy translation service offered

And no, that is not my own translation services that I demean like that, it is the "Google Website Translator Gadget" that I just added to my blog.

However, I don't really know how they expect people who don't read Swedish and therefore want my blog translated to know what their specific language is called in Swedish. Oh well.

I tried to read some of my blog translated into Italian. That was fine, since I don't know enough Italian to be sure when it was badly translated. But then I tried English (or "engelska") and I must say that my text didn't always make sense, to say the least. But I'm guessing 85% makes sense. So if it doesn't, you can't be sure it's the translator gadget, it might also be me :)

But at least it'll give you a chance to catch up on my ramblings and to make sense of those random pictures of goats I tend to upload.

Love to all!

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