Så gulligt

Höll ni på med Mina vänner-böcker när ni var barn? Jag älskade det! Älskade att få rada upp sånt som jag gillade mest och älskade när andra skrev helt annorlunda. Det måste väl ha varit i starten av att man upptäckte att man var en unik individ.

Vi får se vad som kommer fram nu. Det hör är frågor som personer med Engelska som andraspråk tydligen ska besvara för att öva sig och lära känna sina klasskamrater.

Förresten har jag hört det sägas att den vars liv är mest som när man drömde när man var liten, den är lyckligast.

Hi, my name is Anja Olergård.
I am from Sweden.
I live in Västerhaninge, outside Stockholm.
I'm 48 years old.
My birthday is on July 17th.
I'm a student at Stockholm University (I wish!).
My favorite subject is literary theory and/or creative writing.
My favorite sport is winter sports like slalom skiing.
There are a lot of people in my family! I have a mom and dad, two brothers and a sister. One brother has a set of girl twins and a set of boy twins. My other brother has a boy and a baby still in his mom's belly. My sister has no children, and her husband is dead, too. But she is a good friend to many, many. I am married! My husband Mikael has two boys and two girls. They are all grown up. One is married, one is engaged. We have two grandchildren also, who live in Norway. I have a big family and I love them more than anything.
My father used to be a teacher in junior college. My mom was a translator. Now my dad is a patriarch, a special role in our church.
I would like to be a writer because I have so many characters and stories in my head and I want to make people think, while entertaining them with a well-written book, which is my favorite thing on earth.
My hobby is reading of course, but I also love traveling, music and design (both fashion and interior). I used to make homemade cards for people when I could sit up, but I can't do that anymore. I also loved sewing and really miss it.
In my free time I also like to cook and bake. I would love to have a book club and sing in a choir.
I don't like manipulation. Untempered ignorance annoys me.
My favorite food is Italian. Love a good lasagna or spaghetti Bolognese.
My favorite drink is probably elderberry cider or hot chocolate.
My favorite day of the weeks is the one we have today. Days are so similar for me, I don't have any I like or dislike.
My favorite month is May. I love it when winter says goodbye for sure and there is so much green everywhere. For many years I went to London during spring, which comes much earlier there. Tulips and greenery and light jackets is wonderful!
My favorite singer or band is Rigmor Gustafson and Toto. But Lisa Nilsson and Samuel Ljungbladh singing I heard it through the grapevine from Så ska det låta gets me every time. Josh Groban, Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum are some other favorites. Sadly, I can't listen much at all to music. My favorite composer is John Rutter.
I like thrillers. Not scary movies with blood and gore, but detective or police films. My favorite TV series is BBC:s Line of Duty. I also like Downton Abbey. No, I do not like Downton Abbey, I LOVE it!
My favorite place is Italy, I like it because of the food, the language, the scenery. I want to go to Sardinia, Tuscany, one of the lakes up north, and again to Sicily. I feel so relaxed there, so much at home. People are so friendly and anything they say sounds beautiful.
The most beautiful place in my country is Poseidon, a big statue at the end or rather the beginning of Avenyn. He overlooks everything I love. One one side the town center spreads out, on the other is a short walkway to my university. And a short walk in a different direction leads you to Liseberg, my favorite amusement park.
I study English because I love languages and because I love literature.

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Monnah sa...

Vad roligt! Jag älskade också de här böckerna.