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In no particular order:
1. Seat belts on airplanes. Someone goes through, I swear, and shortens them all up before we get on board. I always feel an urgency to hide how far out I have to extend the thing to get it around me.
2. Finding a moldy potato in the middle of a 10-pound bag.
3. Weeds. Particularly the pernicious ones that get right in among the roots of other plants.
4. Having to decide what to fix for dinner every single night. I don't mind the cooking. I just hate the deciding.
5. Fatigue.
6. Getting sucked in to a TV show for an hour and at the end of the hour thinking, "Man, that was a waste of time."
7. Burning the roof of my mouth because I'm too hungry to wait for my pizza to cool. And then having that little flap of damaged skin hanging there right behind my front teeth for several days afterward.
8. Waking up from a nightmare feeling more exhausted from the trauma of the dream than I was feeling when I fell into bed exhausted from the trauma of the day.
9. Worries that never quite shake themselves loose from my subconscious, even when I know there's nothing I can do about them.
10. Feeling hungry when I know darn well I've consumed enough calories to fill me up and my continued "need" to eat is purely emotional.
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What's on YOUR list?

Mamma lärde mig att man inte skulle säga "Jag hatar", så här följer min något mindre spirituella lista:

"Jag tycker väldigt illa om":
1. Migrän
2. Sömnproblem
3. Energibrist
4. Smärta
5. Gräl
6. Svettas
7. Stress
8. Manipulation
9. Vara tjock
10. När Mikael har det jobbigt

Vad är dina 10?

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