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Calvin Klein launched Euphoria Blossom earlier this year. The fragrance notes feature kumquat, dewy green accord, pomegranate, orchid blossom, lotus blossom, pink peony, blond wood, white amber and frosted sheer musk

Euphoria Blossom starts with sweet fruits, but the sweetness is considerably toned down and accented here with sparkling citrus notes. The "dewy green accord" is more noticeable simply because it has less competition for attention, and it smells more like a simple (and very fresh) floral and less like a sexy oriental fragrance for the same reason — the base here is relatively quiet, with none of the creamy richness of Euphoria, just a mild little blur of woody musk and amber. The sillage is slight, and the lasting power is so-so.

Euphoria was well-done if not groundbreaking, and I would say the same of Euphoria Blossom, but more so than the original, it has the kind of smells-like-everything-else, been-through-more-than-one-focus-group pleasantness that would make it hard to pick out of a blind smell test at Sephora.

(Att det finns folk med såna näsor och sån förmåga att beskriva dofter... Kanske vore ett yrke för mig med min gravidnäsa och faiblesse för ord?)

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