For Bella and Mia

Dear favorite girls,

Something exciting happened here in Sweden today. A little baby princess was born! You know Sweden is where pappa comes from, and it is a long, long, long way from where you live. That is why we don't get to see you very often.

Did you know that we actually have a king, a queen, and princes and princesses here in Sweden? This is what they look like. Aren't they pretty?!

The King and the Queen. They are the baby's mormor and morfar.
This is Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on their wedding day. They are mamma and pappa to the new baby girl.

This is Prince Carl Philip.
This is Princess Madeleine. She lives in New York right now, not too far from where you are.

This is a photo of the new baby. You can hardly see her. But there she is, in the car seat, with her mamma and pappa. She is very tiny, just like your brand new cousin Jonathan.

Can you see her little head in there? The baby has a white blanket.
You are big girls now, and can do all kinds of smart and good things. But the new princess baby can just drink milk and sleep and poop and cry. I think that there are many people who want to hold her, kiss her cheeks, and rock her to sleep. Her mamma and pappa, her mormor and morfar, and farmor och farfar will all love her and help her learn many wonderful things. And the baby has aunts and uncles, just like you. We all love you very much! The baby has cousins, just like you too.

This is the baby's farmor and farfar.
The soldiers who work at the castle shot the cannons 42 times. That is a very special thing they do to celebrate a prince or princess. It is called a salute. It is festive, just like the fireworks on New Year's.
The soldiers and cannons
We all want to have a party today, because a princess was born. So everybody will get to eat princess cake -- prinsesstårta. Pappa ääääääääälskar prinsesstårta! It's so yummy! Farfar makes the best ones. I'm sure he will make you prinsesstårta when he comes to visit in the spring.

They haven't decided the name of the princess baby yet. Probably tomorrow. What do you think are some good princess names?

This is the royal castle, where the king and queen live. People can visit them and write congratulations in a big book for the mamma and pappa and the princess girl. People can also write good advice. What do you think that the princess' mamma and pappa should do? Give her milk, hug her? What more? 

What are your favorite things that mamma and pappa do? How do they make you happy?

Jag älskar dig, Bella. Jag älskar dig, Mia.

Love from Auntie Anja

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Beth and Johan sa...

Ooooooooh! You're so awesome, Anja! That was the NICEST letter! And so much work, I'm sure. If Johan doesn't read it to them today, I will tonight. Or maybe I will AGAIN tonight, just because it's so wonderful!

Monnah sa...

Så fint!

Anja Olergård sa...

Thanks Beth, you're so sweet.

rcp2b sa...