One word MeMe

Ett ord kan väl passa. Som träning för mig och som lättnad för er.

Yourself: underbar
Your partner: UNDERBAR
Your hair: brunt
Your Mother: knäpp
Your Father: snäll
Your Favorite Item: böcker
Your dream last night: okänd
Your Favorite Drink: mjölk
Your Dream Car: snygg
Your Dream Home: underhållsfri
The Room You Are In: sovrummet
Your Ex: småbarnsfar
Your fear: avskydd
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? lycklig
Who you hung out with last night: familjen
What You're Not: stillsam
Muffins: JA
One of Your Wish List Items:
Time: natt
The Last Thing You Did: bakade
What You Are Wearing: mysbyxor
Your favorite weather: snöglittrande
Your Favorite Book: P&P
Last thing you ate: pasta
Your Life: spännande
Your mood: glatt
Your Best Friends: snälla
What are you thinking about right now: bröllop
Your car: ingen
What are you doing at the moment: bloggar
Your summer: trött
Relationship status: förlovad
What is on your tv: avstängd
What is the weather like: natt
When is the last time you laughed: igår

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