10 Tips to Refresh Your Space Affordably

Hittade följande från en nyutkommen amerikansk bok på Curbly.

Let me ask you this - how many interior design books are too many? A billion! Luckily, I have plenty of built-ins to hold my library of inspiration. Soon to be released, Downtown Chic: Designing Your Home from Wreck to Ravishing, by Cortney and Robert Novogratz of Manhattan design firm Sixx Design is now TOPS on my list. (I mean, look at this cover!) Mixing vintage with modern style to achieve their signature look "Vintage Nouveaux", they are regaled for turning meager and modest into modern and marvelous. To whet your appetite for an entire book of their expertise, here are 10 of their tips for updating your decor affordably without sacrificing style.

1. De-clutter: Get rid of clutter. It will set you free! Your house will feel more spacious.

2. Find Vintage Furniture: Find a few one-of-a-kind vintage items to make your home decor distinctive. Go to a local flea market and check out interesting pieces. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a piece that can make a room memorable and unique!

3. Paint: A fresh coat of paint offers you “instant change”. Go for a splash of color, you will be amazed how much that one thing changes your whole feeling about a room.

4. Pick Up Some Photos: Hang black and white family photos in inexpensive but simple frames. Instant art work that will have real meaning to you and your visitors. For a dramatic statement, cover an entire wall in photos like we often do. It’s fun for everybody to see and get a conversation started about your family and their adventures.

5. Accent with Throw Pillows: New bed linens and a few cool throw pillows can transform your bedroom instantly. Go in a new direction with the linens, it can change the whole vibe of your bedroom, and it isn’t something you have to live with forever, so you can be more adventurous. The same thing works in the bathroom. New shower curtain, and suddenly the whole bathroom looks fresher and new.

6. Organize Your Closets: Organize your closets with inexpensive shelving. It makes your life (and your closet) so much more organized. You can get this kind of shelving almost anywhere (like home depot), it’s easy to install, and it adds to the general organization of your house, which makes it look that much better. Did we mention you’ll be able to find all your clothes more easily now!

7. Create a Focal Point: Splurge on one great piece of furniture or art and feature that as the focal point of the room. Build around that piece.

8. Light Some Candles: Fill your house with candles. The light makes everything in your house look better! It’s romantic, and interesting candles are great accessories. Be bold.

9. Clean: Grit your teeth and really clean your home down to the bone! Like that dirty grout in the bathroom. That brightens everything and makes the whole room look new again.

10. Dine on Fine China: Eat your dinner on your best china, use your nicest silverware and drink champagne from the "good glasses". What are you waiting for? Celebrate every day of your life!

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